How to Get Started in Apparel Embroidery

A good way to chart your course in setting up a custom embroidery services in Chicago is to create a business plan. It should be a one or two page document that outlines your opportunity, target audience, and competitive landscape. A solid plan will keep you focused on your goals. The following are some steps to get your plan started. Read them carefully before you start your business. Once you’ve completed the planning phase, it’s time to start the actual embroidery process.

First, ensure your business has insurance. A small business insurance policy is a good idea to protect your income and assets in case of a disaster. Some of the most common policies include a business owners’ policy or a small commercial umbrella policy. There are several different types of insurance policies for embroidery businesses, but the best options are those that cover the entire business. A good place to find a policy is the US Chamber of Commerce. Once you’ve established your coverage, you can start looking for ways to increase your customer base.

Choose the right type of embroidery. Unlike printing, embroidery uses a needle and thread to create a design. Some items have multiple colors, while others may be 3D puff or applique. Choosing the right type of embroidery will make it stand out from the rest. And it’s relatively affordable compared to other methods of advertisement. Whether you want to advertise your business or promote a cause, you can find the perfect custom embroidery design to promote your brand.

Decide how detailed your logo should be. Generally, simple logos cost less than complex designs. However, larger logos will cost more because they require more thread and usually multiple colors. Multiple spools of thread have to be loaded into an embroidery machine. This increases the overall cost of production and the price to consumers. A simple logo or graphic with one or two colors of thread will be cheaper than a complicated design with more than a thousand stitches.

Decide on the type of thread that you’d like to use. You’ll most likely want to select a durable thread that is resistant to detergents, bleaches, and other chemicals. The high-quality polyester thread will last longer than cheaper, lower-quality rayon thread. You’ll also want to choose a color that will match your business. While it’s best to stick with a color that coordinates with your existing brand, there are other colors to consider.

You should also be sure to contact the right government agencies and organizations for licensing. It is important to get all the information you need from these authorities, as they are vital to the success of your embroidery business. You can even use free templates to create a business plan. The SBA and SCORE are both excellent resources for completing your paperwork. You can also visit their websites for more information and ask for help. A custom-made logo can create a sense of distinction and brand identity for your company. For more details on embroidery and printing in Chicago visit

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