Three Types of Apparel Printing

If you’re considering getting your apparel printed, you may be wondering which type of printing method is right for you. Luckily, there are several options for apparel printing. First, choose your garment color. Most garments can be printed with either CMYK or RGB colors. For dark-colored garments, you can use two colors to achieve the best possible result. To ensure you’re getting the best results possible, check out these three common printing methods.

Ensure that your apparel printing company offers many design options, and doesn’t limit you to a limited number of features. Also, be sure that they’re willing to listen to your ideas and give you as many options as you can. Some companies don’t offer all types of printing, such as airbrushing and hand spraying, but should have some options to suit your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a unique way to promote your business, custom apparel printing is a great way to do it.

You can improve your marketing capabilities by giving out promotional items, including t-shirts and caps. Most people love to wear free stuff, so distributing giveaways can help your brand to reach out to more people. Tacoma Embroidery & Printing, a reliable apparel printing company, can help you design and print custom apparel to fit any budget. They also work with your design specifications and customization parameters. The staff at Spark can guide you through your choices so you can make an informed decision.

Another method of apparel printing involves the use of a computer. Direct to garment printing, as the name suggests, skips the intermediate transfer film. The process is much more complicated than printing on paper. Ideally, your image is in CMYK color and must be saved in EPS, AI, TIFF, PCT, or PDF file. In addition, the shirts must be soaked in a liquid prior to printing, so that they can be completely dry.

Screen printing allows for the application of a single color at a time. Screen printing is best suited for garments that need to be printed in large quantities. However, it is important to note that this method is not for every type of garment. You must consider the type of apparel printing that you need for your project and your budget before choosing the method to print your clothing. Screen printing is great for shirts and hats. In fact, it’s the best option if you’re looking for a quick, cost-effective way to have your apparel custom printed.

Screen printing on dark colored t-shirts requires a special process called ‘Flash.’ The white layer is printed before the true colors of the design are put over it. Most screen printers will call this process ‘Flash’. In contrast, digital prints use a similar process. Both methods are comparatively inexpensive, although digital prints will cost more. The difference between the two processes lies in the materials used. A digital print will be more expensive than a screen print.

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